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How to use Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG in Backtrack 2

October 25th, 2007 by Patchy

The Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG (IPW3945) is a popular wireless card that is build-in many laptops. However, the drivers included in Backtrack 2 do not allow you to do packet injection. To fix this problem you need to install the IPWRAW drivers. The easy way to do this is to use Backtrack 2 module. A module adds additional components to Backtrack 2. To add a module, you copy the .LZM file into the modules folder in the BT2 .ISO. After adding the IPWRAW module to the BT2 .ISO, boot up Backtrack and click the “IPW3945 RAW” script on the desktop to install the IPWRAW Drivers. After the drivers are installed your wireless card will be lock in monitor mode, and you will be able to do packet injection with aireplay-ng. If you want to put your wireless card in managed mode and connect to a wireless network click the “IPW3945” script on the desktop. That script will load the default IPW3945 Drivers.

Video Demonstration

Download IPWRAW Module Here
Discuss Here

IPWRAW package made by: -~operator~-
Module made by: Genius

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30 Responses

  1. X-M@gn@mite Says:

    very good job

  2. gi4n Says:

    very useful!! thx!!!

  3. gi4n Says:

    hi! i follow the steps in the guide but when i boot my system tell me that cant boot because a Checksum error happens!!! i think thats because i modify the iso file…but i can t fix this error!!! can someone help me???

  4. Patchy Says:

    If you use winISO to build the entire ISO file it will create a checksum error. You have to create a copy of bt2final.iso then open it with winISO, add the module, and save the iso. It doesn’t create a checksum error when you just amend the .iso it does when you build the entire .iso

  5. ar0 Says:

    Hi, I have copied patch into the iso image of Backtrack2 and ait installed itself. However when I tried to fing my wireless card it was no result after using command iwconfig. It said no wireless extension on lo or eth0. It’s strange because I’m connected to the net through wireless card (Broadcom 802.11) and using internet on firefox under Backtrack. I just wanned to try packed injection with aireplay-nd. Can u give me advise how to make my wireless card visible as device in iwconfig ?

  6. p0 Says:

    Does exist module for Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN? thx

  7. sk Says:

    How about 2200bg nic? absolutely everything works except package injection.. any ideas?

  8. Patchy Says:

    Check your wireless card’s compatibility here:
    If your wireless card doesn’t support monitor mode or packet injection your best bet is to buy a cheap USB wireless adapter.

  9. poyon Says:

    bonjours je suis heureux de voir ce forum mais j ai un prob avec la commande ./IP
    veut pas fonctionner
    merci et a bientot

  10. poyon Says:

    Bonjours j have a problem with the cd live after 15 minute of the injection screen of the computer freezes and compel the eteindre card ipw3945 with the driver giving highest thank you

  11. Greywolf Says:

    Well…. something is missing in this video… From the time you start to the moment you log on to the web there is totally darkness… how about collectin those IV´s and how to save them… and later serv them into Backtrack… while working from a live cd… maybe this is an easy task if you have BT2 installed on a harddrive… but the most of us simply cant get acces to any storage media while working from a live CD… Patch this please….

    wil my SD cardreader able to work as “harddrive” and can we format this type of card in Fat32 wich should be the best format for Linux ???
    All the best and thanks for this waterhole…


  12. Patchy Says:

    The point of this Vblog was not to show you how to crack wep. It was to demonstrate how to use the Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG in BT2, to show how to use the IPWRAW for packet injection, and how to use the default drivers for managed mode. If you what to learn how to crack wep watch Ep. 2.

    It is not necessary to save IVs to a hard disk if you a have enough RAM. Also, I have never tried using SD card with Linux, so you will have to try it yourself. USB thumb drive may work better. Furthermore, FAT partition will work with Linux, but EXT is a more common type of partition for Linux

  13. Greywolf Says:

    Only have 4 MB ram …hope that wil do. Ill try a thumbdrive and se what happends Patchy, YHANKS for your advice. Happy Christmas a Newyear… take care


  14. Graywolf Says:

    Hi Pathy,

    If a networks ESSID is looking like this 0000000000000000 in Wireshark but apears as a “NO ESSID” in the networklist in Aircrack… what am I going to use in a Fake ID attack as ESSID.


  15. Graywolf Says:

    Ohh No,

    Your sofware took the backslashes… there must be one for every three zeros.. in the ESSD that I have encountered.


  16. Kyle Says:

    I have a toshiba satellite with an INTEL 3945abg Wireless Adapter. For some reason, even after trying the above, I cant get my card to work.

    iwconfig will always display no wireless extension. InfinityExists please help

  17. dc Says:

    how can you run the file if bt2 is already hdd installed?

  18. Patchy Says:

    you can install the drivers manually. Go here:

  19. pyr0glifix Says:

    you patchy.. knox.. i got a rather odd question.. when i downloaded the enhanced drivers for the rt73 and i get in to the Module folder.. there is no make or anything.. did you have this problem?? im know its not there and im wondering why its not showing

  20. pyr0glifix Says:

    i was typing make and what not… getting an error saying that make doesnt exist of something like that

  21. pyr0glifix Says:

    im using bt3 beta by the way but there shouldnt be a problem in with what version.. never had a problem using make or makfile yet until now

  22. BT Says:

    I’m getting an error:

    No modules unloaded
    Uloading ‘ipwraw’ … done
    Loading ‘ipwraw’ … done
    Waitng for /sys/class/net/wifi0/device/rtap_iface to appear…. time out.
    Could not find wifi0 interface.

    I am running this out of vmware… is there something specific I need to configure or that I’m missing?

  23. BT Says:

    Nevermind, answered my own question, w/ vmware only USB dongles are supported.

  24. Scott Says:

    for some reason i get the error:

    /tmp/ipwraw/load: line 93: ./set_channel: No such file or directory
    Could not tune to channel 1.

    any suggestions?

  25. rich Says:

    great, but now how do I use it in a vm? LOL.

  26. AJizzle Says:

    What about promiscuous mode? Can these driver allow implementation with say, the Intel 2200 b/g? Or will it only allow packet injection? Thanks!

  27. Kevin Says:

    I’m not running vmware and I’m still encountering this problem.

    bt ~ #iwconfig
    lo no wireless extensions

    bt ~ # ./IPW3945\ WRAW\
    No modules unloaded
    Uloading ‘ipwraw’ … done
    Loading ‘ipwraw’ … done
    Waitng for /sys/class/net/wifi0/device/rtap_iface to appear…. time out.
    Could not find wifi0 interface.

    any ideas? It was working last night but now I’m receiving no responses whatsoever.

  28. kriz Says:

    i’m getting this error when i use the startx command error loading shared libraries

    I made the iso just like specified, and i grabbed the backtrack 2 stable version from the remote-exploit site.

    any help?

  29. M31H4X0R Says:

    I Went To Wallmart & got the wrong kind No recent Videos

  30. chandan Says:

    patchy i love ur works…give ur email i have to ask some basic questions

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