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Episode 16 – Wireless Hacking – Cracking WPA

March 8th, 2008 by Patchy
This episode of Full Disclosure illustrates the progress of Cracking weak WPA Preshared Keys. Before you can crack the Preshared Key you must capture the four way handshake between the Access Point and a client; to accomplish this you must force the client to reconnect to the AP with the DeAuthentication attack we showed in episode 3. If you are using the Linksys WUSB54GC you will have to update your drivers to RaLink RT73 USB Enhanced Driver. In this episode we show you how to do this, and I also made a Backtrack module to automate the process. The module works in the same way as the IPWRAW Module for the Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG card, so you can watch that Vblog if you are having troubles.

Live Stream Here
Download Here

Download RT73 Module Here
Watch IPWRAW Vblog Here

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8 Responses

  1. -AO- Says:

    once again, very helpful video.

    i have a Linksys WUSB54G VER.4. i can inject packets w/ the newest svn of aircrack but when i type make i get a module error when trying to update to the enhancement drivers.
    i think i need to buy a wusb54c.

    staples here i come!

  2. akeck Says:

    wats good your videos have helped me thank u

  3. watInfinity Says:

    that’s nice guys. but how’s it that you just picked a network on your drive-way and the password is “infinity”. of course that is one of your own network and you configured the network to have the word “infinity” as it’s WPA passphrase. this means if you really picked a network from the street, you will have a very very less chance of secseeding cracking the pass. anyway. can you give us a copy the wordlist that you used?

  4. x_plasmo_x Says:

    I almost had an orgasm watching this video :P

    u guys are insane :D

    Did u already make a video on how hack a TCP/IP session during 1st Ack ?

    That would be……terrific

  5. nobody Says:

    yeah u guys know that cracking a key with the normal length of 64bits takes years and as the pc has to sha1 the hash 4096 times before he can check if it’s valid the max u can do atm is about 1500keys/s which means cracking wpa takes years… dont try it its scensless…

    wep is just a matter of seconds wpa takes much more time

    btw if u want to crack the key on your desktop simply download aircrack-ng for windows and run the att on it.

  6. Sum1 Says:

    Does those drivers also work with the Linksys WUSB600N?

  7. Patchy Says:

    probably not

  8. Sum1 Says:

    Patchy: Yeah, they didn’t. I tired anyway. Atleast I gave it a shot right? The fucked up thing is that everyone else is telling me that it works fine with any linux. If you know this stuff well can you help? Thanx dude.

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