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Episode 18 – Local Password Cracking

June 1st, 2008 by Patchy
In this addition of Full Disclosure, Nox and I show you how to crack local Linux and Window’s passwords. Furthermore, we explain how to reset and restore Linux or Window’s password for temporary access to a computer. There are different trade-offs for each method of bypassing local passwords. Cracking a password can take a long time, but knowing the password may help you gain access to other computers and programs. Reseting and Restoring a password is quick because you don’t need to know the password, but you will have to repeat this method every time you want access to the computer.

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5 Responses

  1. Copy Says:

    Question, I’m using BT3 to do this, and when i type mount to see the drives, the Windows drive im trying to mount doesn’t show up. Is this because I’m using BT3? Or are certain structures of windows different?

  2. Copy Says:

    disregard that last post, i used BT2 and it worked fine :D thanks

  3. piffer;ee Says:

    would this process differ any If i were trying to get service account passwords from a server 2003 computer?

  4. lolman5000 Says:

    Hi, will this work if you use backtrack 3 instead of backtrack 2? and i wont be using the beta, it will be the bt3 final.

  5. How Can I Find My Windows Lost Password? - Remote Exploit Forums Says:

    [...] [...]

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