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Donations are Live!

June 16th, 2008 by Nox
We finally got the donation button added to the website. We are currently taking donations in hopes to get a new camera. We love making videos for all of our viewers and want to up the production value. So please donate if you can and we will be sure yo let all our users know how close we are to our goal.

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  1. clarke Says:

    Made the first donation I think.Donated 20 bucks for your camera!

  2. Patchy Says:

    Thanks a lot!

  3. bumkiller64 Says:

    No problem, I could donate another 10 or 15 bucks next month once my card gets paid off.

    One thing though, whats a good camera with a built in hdd and sd card slot?My price range is $300-$600, I hear sonys are good but i dont want to pay extra just because of the name.-bumkiller64

  4. C|0N3D Says:

    There will be some cash coming your way from me soon!

    And bumkiller64, shouldn’t you be asking on the forums?

  5. bumkiller64 Says:

    Yes I should but Im not the kind of person that cares about anything. BTW I found it in my heart to donate another $1 so thats $21 so far, BUT WAIT!!!Then I felt sorry and donated an extra 11 cents!!!!!!! thats $21.11 so far OMG Im nice huh?

  6. poh-pcp Says:

    are u building in this video a wifi-booster?

  7. profjohnomebije Says:

    hi nox and patchy. i just got to know about you guys. you are so great. can i know you more? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. im john. studying cyber security in Nigeria. i wana stay close to you. will i be permited? hope to hear from you guys. take it easy.

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