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July 1st, 2008 by Patchy
This last month we didn’t produce many videos; however, we did make quite a few updates to the website. First off, we created the new video page with the thumbnail preview of each video. We also have the donations up and running, as well as, the new video series, Infinity Exists Underground. Also, I made several fixes to the forums: Threads are now sorted by the last post (which was not easy to do, since WP-Forum was not designed to do that =O), I changed the way posts and threads are created to prevent multiple posts, and I also did various small fixes. Tomorrow we will be releasing Full Disclosure Episode 19 – a short video on Lock Picking Basics. Hopefully in the upcoming weeks we will have a couple more videos released.

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  1. CrashOverron Says:

    wootwoot lockpicking ftw!

  2. simplepunk88 Says:


    any news if on the following vids u upload one on staying safe under the net???

    props on the great work guys!!!

  3. burgert Says:


  4. burgert Says:

    sorey for the last comment anyway ty for all your videos infinityexist has help me alot with my quest for hacking infomation

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