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Episode 23 – Cracking WEP Update

December 10th, 2008 by Patchy
In this episode of Full Disclosure, Nox and I describe four improved methods of cracking WEP encryption: the ARP Request Replay Attack, Fragmentation Attack, Caffe Latte Attack, and Hirte Attack. The ARP Request Replay Attack and the Fragmentation Attack are known as clientless attacks because they do not require a client to be connected to the wireless AP. To initiate the attack, these two attacks only require one data packet. The Caffe Latte Attack and the Hirte Attack are client-based attacks because they specifically target clients to increase the IVs. Also, we show an improved method of cracking the IVs called the PTW cracking method. With the PTW method, WEP encryption can be cracked 80% of the time with only 60,000 IVs. For more information on the insecurities of WEP encryption watch Episode 2.

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  1. one2ka4 Says:

    one question;

    how close should my attack machine(pc) should be with the victim machine?

    does the power and rxq determined it?

  2. chicano_amor Says:

    hi i am new at this and would like your help pls,im moven in 3 weeks to a place that has only securd wireless internet,,i have a laptop inspiron 1526 will u please email me and help me

  3. A small and quick introduction to ARP poisoning « Cyberwarfare Magazine Says:

    [...] it is widely described all over the net. You can find find good video tutorials from InfinityExists here and here. The last 2600 issue also had a good article about [...]

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