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December 14th, 2008 by Patchy
In this Underground video Awali, explains how to manually create Virtual Machines that can be used by the free VMWare Player. Also, Awali explains some of VMWare’s basic functions and features. In the past year, VMWare has make VMWare Server free for personal use; therefore, you no longer need to manually create the .VMX Virtual Machine file. However, it is still usefully to know how VMWare works and to understand how the .VMX file is structured so that you can troubleshoot and fixes problems when they occur. Full Scale Video Here
Download Here

VMWare Server
VMWare Player
Awali’s VMX File

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6 Responses

  1. hacker2479 Says:

    hi all, i need help…
    i just bought an acer aspire 5530g with AR5B91 atheros wireless card….mine problem is that if i boot backtrack 2 i type startx and it starts normaly but it wont load my wireless card, maybe it is coz it is a new card(supports n standard)….
    anyway if i boot into backtrack 3 after i type startx, it says no display found(or something like that) PLEASE HELP!

  2. teawanga Says:


    Have the same problem… would be interested if you got it working!

  3. Patchy Says:

    Are you using VMWare?

  4. hacker2479 Says:


  5. hacker2479 Says:

    i didnt know where to put it so i putted it here and at forum (sry for my english im from croatia and 13 years ols…)

  6. Patchy Says:

    Ask your questions on the forums under an appropriate thread.

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