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Patchy’s Top 5 DOS Games

January 18th, 2009 by Patchy
Recently I repaired my first computer, an old 386 PC running MS-DOS 5.0, and when I booted the machine I found several of my favorite DOS games. In this vblog, I discuss my top 5 favorite DOS games from childhood. The games on my list had to meet a few requirements: it obviously had to be a DOS game and my 386 PC had to be able to run it. If you haven’t played these games most of them are available from Full Scale Video Here
Download Here

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  1. hackncrack Says:

    What what! i got a 486 baby! haha, ironic thing is i just got it working today too, i had to repair my power supply(took the whole thing apart), they don’t make replacements for it anymore.

  2. hackncrack Says:

    i thought i was the only one with a working 5 1/4 floppy drive still in existence haha.

  3. slicer45 Says:

    i like the game civilization if really in depth and just fun really.

  4. slicer45 Says:


  5. Copy Says:

    lol hilarious video!

  6. Teddy Says:

    U can still play liro with DoSBox in Win Xp, Vist, 7 ;) :D

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