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Jerry Sanders Design Competition

April 7th, 2009 by Patchy
This year I became the UIUC IEEE branch IT Director and a few weeks ago, at the University of Illinois’ annual Engineering Open House, the UIUC IEEE branch and I competed in the AMD Jerry Sanders Design Competition (JSDC). JSDC is a robotics competition where teams design robots to complete specific tasks. This years competition was a large scale game of tic-tac-toe. Basically, each team had to create a robot that could pick up an air-filled balloon and place it in boxes which represented tie-tac-toe squares. The robots have to complete various objectives to obtain their teams balloons. The tasks included pushing a button, hitting a switch, opening a door, and pushing down a balanced titer-toter. Once a team places their balloon into a box, it would remain under the team’s control until another team takes control by placing their balloon into it. At the end of an eight or ten minute round points would be given to teams which controlled three boxes in a round. Furthermore, teams would be awarded points for unlocking their balloons and placing them into a box. The strategy used by the majority of teams was to place as many balloons into a single box instead of trying to obtain a tic-tac-toe. The competition was a single elimination tournament where four robots competed at a time. Your place in the bracket was decided by your standings after seven round robin matches. A total of sixteen different teams from a vary of different colleges competed in the JSDC, and the IEEE team placed third in the tournament!

A friend of mine and myself videotaped all of the rounds that we completed in. Check them out!


Demolition Round!! IEEE took 2nd!

Demolition Round
Round Robin – 1st Match
Round Robin – 2nd Matchonline casino
Round Robin – 3rd Match
Round Robin – 4th Match
Round Robin – 5th Match
Round Robin – 6th Match
Round Robin – 7th Match


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  1. GlaDOS Says:

    Cool stuff patchy. I was amazed about the move IEEE did near the end of the demolition round at the ramp. When it just span aroud and the other robot was totally thrown off. That was pure ownage! The juges should have declared you the winner for that.

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