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Underground – Windows Privilege Escalation

May 26th, 2009 by Patchy
In this Underground Video, Crash Overron explains a simple way to escalate privileges in Windows XP. A standard user in XP can use the “at” command to schedule a program to run at a specific time. That program will be executed with SYSTEM privileges. Crash uses the “at” command to open a command prompt, and then uses it to reopen Explorer with SYSTEM privileges. Full Scale Video Here
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4 Responses

  1. Strome Says:

    Nice video. I already read something about this at command, but never tried it. Thanks.


  2. vs4vijay Says:

    nice job buddy……..
    i have tried that before but i couldn’t get the hang out of it…..
    IE Rocksssss

  3. lagger Says:

    i don’t understand one thing….you need to be an administrator to access “at” but whats the point of doing “at” if your an administrator

  4. CrashOverron Says:

    well typically you need to be an admin though alot of times if you’re at a school or work the admins set scheduled tasks or batch files with at commands therefore the current user would need to be able to use the command so in that case you would be able to execute the attack

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