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Infinity Exists IRC Server

July 7th, 2009 by Patchy
Infinity Exists now has a new IRC server up and running! The hostname for the IRC is, and the channel that Admins and myself will be in is #Infinity_Exists. Go check it out! Also, we will be running a vent server and a few game servers. You can go to to check the stat page to see what servers are available. Also, Nox just got some new server equipment, so hopefully we will get some boxes setup for you guys to practice hacking. Keep checking the website for further updates.

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7 Responses

  1. CrashOverron Says:

    hurray for IRC and vent finally being up! =]]

  2. teh1337one Says:

    we love you

  3. $witch3d Says:

    Wow! IRC and Vent is great! Can’t wait for the hacking boxes to get set up…

  4. MrSiebel Says:

    You need to do a V-log on egg drop IRC bot… and teach some of the finer points of IRC

  5. dj_nemo Says:

    look like server is down

  6. gasde Says:

    hey im new to irc and when i try to connect using xchat it keeps saying the connection has timed out. then i tried your java client and same thing. does that mean the server is down?

  7. Patchy Says:

    Yes, currently the server is down. Hopefully, it will be up in the next month.

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