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Defcon 17!

August 1st, 2009 by Patchy
Nox and I are in Las Vegas for Defcon 17! It our first time at Defcon, and from want we’ve seen so far it going to be an amazing weekend. We’ve already heard some great speeches, and seen some pretty cool stuff. As many of you know, the attendees of Defcon get a badge with some electronics to hack and modify.
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This years badge has a Freescale MC56F8006 DSP/microprocessor chip, microphone, and RGB LED. The RGB LED cycles through different colors until the microphone picks up some noise then the LED with respond to the volume and frequency of the sound. We decide to try playing different frequencies and see if the badge would reveal some easter eggs for a specific frequency. After a few minutes we figured out that the LED would blink what look to be Morse code whenever it pick up a frequency that was a power of 2 (such as 64hz,256hz,1024hz, etc.).

(Download Here)

The Morse code message turned out to be the url Tomorrow, I’m going to try to get a level shifter, so I can modify the firmware!

For more information on Defcon you can go here.
For more information on the Defcon 17 Badge go here.

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  1. RaPoSiTo007 Says:

    Wowww I would have to investigate this further, is a good material and hopefully will do well in defcon jeje

  2. vs4vijay Says:

    gr8888 job man……….
    and what soft did u use in frequency generator………

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