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Underground – Install Backtrack 3 on USB

August 16th, 2009 by Patchy
матрациIn this Underground video, Ground Zero explains how to install Backtrack 3 onto an USB drive. He also illustrates how to make the USB device bootable and how to enable persistent changes in Backtrack. Full Scale Video Here
Download Here

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  1. ToolMann Says:

    What’s the name of software you use in your windows ,the right side of the screen below which turns on and off red to green ?? thank you :)

  2. Ground Zero Says:

    The Programm is called Camtasia 6.0 ;)

  3. ethack101 Says:

    When i boot from USB Backtrack 3 does boot but it doesn’t allow me to choose a mode and the setup doesn’t get any further than “Finding active Directories.” At this point i can type but nothing happens… Any ideas?

  4. kimsti Says:

    Dont forget to create a directory “changes” on your Ext3 partition, for persistent changes!

  5. technix Says:

    Your antivirus isn’t running. Why?

  6. hackncrack Says:

    I just use the ISO for the live CD and use this method:

    except instead of installing ophcrack, you just use the BT3 ISO. Hope this helps!

  7. notchris Says:

    Nice Tut

    I use this program to make bootable usb drives of all kinds fully automated

    plug in falsh drive choose distro and click next


  8. hijaukuningz Says:

    can anybody share with me..that software??

  9. Copy Says:

    hey any plans on continuing the site or has life gotten in the way?

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