Beer Pong Table

The last few days I’ve been helping my friend Charlie construct his Illinois State University (ISU) Beer Pong Table. The legs and supports of the table are made from his roommate Brandon’s hockey sticks, and the table top is made of plywood with a 1/8″ sheet of Acrylic on top. Our friend Tyler etched ISU’s mascot, Red Bird, into the Acrylic; it was done free-hand with a dremel (Compare his etching to image). Tyler also did the text on the table: “ISU” and ” What you call Addiction … We call Dedication”. I did the LED array and the wiring; when the LEDs are lit, the light catches the etching in the acrylic. The LED controller I made allows you to switch between the LEDs being constantly on or controlled by an audio input. However, the LEDs we used are only lit at a specific voltage, so it doesn’t work very well.
Download Here
Pre-Amp Schematic