Underground – Windows SMB Relay Exploit

In this Underground video, Overide demonstrates how to obtain root access on a fully patched Windows XP SP3 Machine. He exploits a flaw in Windows Server Message Block (SMB) which is used to provide shared access to files between hosts on a network. Overide utilizes the Metasploits Framework to run the exploit. It works by relaying a SMB authentication request to another host which provides Metasploit with a authenticated SMB session, and if the user is an administrator, Metasploits will be able to execute code on the target computer such as a reverse shell. For this exploit to run, the target computer must try to authenticate to Metasploit. Overide forces the target computer to perform a SMB authentication attempt by using a Ettercap Filter.
Download Here

For more information on the Metasploit Framework and Ettercap Filters check out Video Archive – Exploit Hacking, Underground – Metasploit Autopwn, and Episode 20 – Ettercap.

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