Underground – Manipulating Windows User Accounts

Xauthzx’s Underground video describes how to Create, Delete, and Manipulate Windows user accounts from the command line. Although it is a relatively simple procedure, knowing how to use the Windows net command can be very helpful in many situations.

User Commands
net user – Display User Accounts
net user [Username] * – Change a User’s Password
net user [Username] /del – Delete a User
net user [Username] /add – Add a User
net localgroup – Display Local Groups
net localgroup [Group] [Username] /add – Add User to Local Group

Other Useful Commands
net start – Display Services
net start [Service] – Start Service
net stop [Service] – Stop Service
net share – Manage Shared Folders
net view – Display Network Computers
net view \\[Computer Name] – Display Network Computer’s Shared Folders
net use * \\[Computer Name]\[Shared Folder] – Mount Network Shared Folder
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