Underground – Evilgrade

Copy and Spitfire of LCN_Crew explain how to use Evilgrade in this Infinity Exists Underground Video. Evilgrade is a modular framework that allows an attacker to take advantage of poorly implemented software upgrades. An attacker can use Evilgrade in combination with DNS spoofing or a MITM attack to spoof a software update and trick the victim computer into executing arbitrary code such as a Metasploit’s Payload. Currently, the Evilgrade framework supports the following software: Java plugin, Winzip, Winamp, MacOS, OpenOffices, iTunes, Linkedin Toolbar, Download Accelerator, notepad++, and speedbit. In this video, Copy and Spitfire illustrate how to use Evilgrade with a DNS Spoofing attack to execute a reverse shell on a target computer.
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